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Garbage Disposal and Recycling in Lehigh Acres

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All persons within unincorporated Lee County are required to have garbage and solid waste collected and disposed of in a proper manner. The County provides such services efficiently and in an environmentally friendly system.

 Lee County residents receive:

 Once-a-week, unlimited amount of curbside collection: garbage, recycling and yard waste
 Once-a-week curbside collection of electronic devices (see below)

6:30 a.m.: Household garbage, yard waste, recycling and electronics must be at the curb by 6:30 a.m. the day of each scheduled collection.

Missed Pickups/Special Pickups: Call your franchised garbage collection company for special pick up of curbside-placed appliances and large, bulky items; as well as for more information on collection days and missed pickups.

Approved Garbage Cans:

40-gallon garbage can with two handles and a tight-fitting lid; 50 lb. weight limit including trash. No limit on number of cans.
Use heavy mil plastic garbage bags for additional garbage (50 lb. limit per bag).
Use animal-proof containers; the garbage company is not responsible for spilled cans or torn bags.
Large steel drums are not approved cans.

Placement and Removal of Garbage Cans:

Place cans and/or bags less than six feet from the roadside.
Trash must not be placed out more than 24 hours before scheduled pick up time. Empty cans must be removed  within 48 hours after pick up. Violation of this rule may result in a warning for the first offense and a fine for each subsequent violation.

Approved Recycling Containers:

Place recyclable material in provided/approved containers. Request free containers from your hauler or the Solid Waste Division.
There is no limit on how many recyclables you can set out each week.
Recycle cardboard. (It will not be collected with household garbage.)
Do not use plastic bags as containers for recyclable materials, and do not put plastic bags in your recycling container!

View the complete list of what to recycle.

Electronic devices, such as TVs, computer systems, stereo systems, video equipment and microwaves, can be placed at the curb for recycling the day of your regular household garbage pick up. A tag will be left to show that the hauler has noted the address, and a special vehicle will collect the items the following day.

Household Chemical Waste such as motor oil, car batteries, and liquids such as paint or large amounts of frying oil cannot be placed in your garbage for collection by your garbage company. Residents can dispose of such items at the Solid Waste Division's Household Chemical Waste (HCW) Drop Off Facility at 6441 Topaz Court, Fort Myers (off Metro Parkway). Please throw empty paint cans and empty automotive fluid containers, etc. in your regular household garbage.

Dumpsters: Residents in multi-family complexes with trash dumpsters need to check with their management company for guidelines pertaining to the disposal of large and bulky items.

Questions? For more information on residential collection and disposal in unincorporated Lee County, call the Solid Waste Division at (239) 533-8000.
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