Thursday, January 24, 2013

Letter to Lee County Commissioners from Jim Kreger

Dear Commissioners,

I am writing to you as President of the Community Council of Lehigh Acres to personally request you reconsider your plan to suspend impact fees for Lee County for the next 2 years.  This will directly impact the Homestead Road project in Lehigh Acres, since those fees are the funding for obtaining the final right-of-ways needed to finish the last part prior to reconstructing Homestead Road.

 Lehigh Acres has been on the back burner far too long for this to happen.  With 5,000 plus foreclosures on the market, the building industry is leading you on a wrong path at this time.  Why would people build a new house when they can buy a brand new foreclosure for ½ the price of a new one.  Let’s get our priorities in the correct order.  Finishing Homestead Road WILL lead to building more homes, apartments, and commercial space over the next 5 years – at which time we will be in a stronger economic climate.

If you delay the work needed to complete Homestead Road, you will directly be responsible for growth in Lehigh Acres to stagnate.  I cannot express myself any more strongly than this.  The people of Lehigh Acres believed in you and voted for you. Don’t let us down.

 -Jim Kreger
President – Community Council of Lehigh Acres
Member: Economic Development Board of Lehigh Acres
Member: Greater Lehigh Area Chamber of Commerce
Member: Kiwanis Club of Lehigh Acres Board of Directors

NOTE: A board meeting was held on Tuesday, January 22 , to address concerns to the Board members. Each person was given three minutes to address the Board.

The issue will likely be sent to public hearing on either February 5 or 12, allowing the public another opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter. Additionally, this will be heard by the Local Planning Agency (a citizens advisory board) on January 28 at 9:30 in the Old Courthouse in Fort Myers and members of the public are also allowed to speak to the issue at that time.

 Interested residents are encouraged to attend these meetings to voice their opinion.
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