Sunday, May 13, 2012


You may have already started seeing them out and about. That could only mean one thing.. Love Bug season has begun! Unless you have visited Florida during May or September, you may not have seen these weird creatures that fly joined at the ... well, you know. Love bugs appear in certain Florida areas in swarms. They annoy us for a few weeks, and then they are gone. We almost forget about them and then, one day, they resume hitting our windshields in such copious numbers that they make it difficult to drive. It's even more difficult to get them off of the car. Sometimes even eating off the paint!

Here's what to do to help maintain your vehicles paint job during the Love Bug season:
Keep a good coat of wax on your vehicle.
If you hit a swarm, clean you vehicle as soon as possible.
Try to park out of the sun if you have them on your car.
Consider attaching a screen cover on the front of the car.
Spread a very thin coat of non-stick baby oil on the bumper, grill, and hood.

There's a widespread belief that love bugs are the creation of the University of Florida-- A genetic experiment gone awry. The most common story is that the bugs were bred to control the mosquito population. Depending on the storyteller, they were either accidentally or experimentally released into the wild. According to the University of Florida, the story is simply false.

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